Founder of GOLIATH AND GOLIATH and The Box at PopArt Theatre.


When his parents named him, Donovan David Goliath, they must have known that with such a loaded name, their son would have a few internal conflicts. It is this essential inner struggle at his core that eventually led him to choose a full time career in comedy over a lucrative job in advertising. What may have seemed like a risky move to everyone around him has turned out to be a goliathan gain for comedy audiences.


Donovan David Goliath’s bedtime stories about growing up in the Transkei as a coloured boy who looks white but speaks fluent Xhosa are more funny than scary. In fact, it’s this life experience that launched him into comedy in the first place.

He began performing in 2010 where he did his first ever set at Cool Runnings, Melville(The Underground). Most of his work is about growing up in Mthatha as a young coloured boy who looks white but speaks fluent Xhosa. His act is rooted in insightful storytelling and simple truths using various characters and impersonations.

Donovan has played to some of the biggest comedy audiences in South Africa with appearances at Soweto Comedy Festival, Blacks Only, 99% Xhosa, 99% Zulu, African Kings of Comedy, Aweh Mzansi and completed a 3 month run at a comedy variety show called LOL at Gold Reef City. He was nominated in the ‘Newcomer Of The Year Category’ in 2012 at the Comics Choice Awards and in 2013 and 2014 in the ‘Breakthrough Act Of The Year’ category as well. Donovan was also a contestant on the widely popular show Strictly Come Dancing.


His ability to connect with so many different audiences has made him a firm favorite amongst corporate clients such as Vodacom, FNB, SAB, Old Mutual, ABI and Multichoice to name a few.